Dual-Axis Solar Tracking Systems

Large scale high performance solar system


Solar panel tracking devices are one of the most efficient premier Power products on the today's market. They use an optical sensing device to track the sun east to west and north to south. Our solar trackers have been subjected to the toughest resistance and energy efficiency tests, resulting in the BEST SOLAR TRACKER on the market.

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Benefits of this type of solar panel tracking devices

  Dual-axis tracker

Here are some benefits and advantages of the dual-axis solar panel tracking systems.

  • Solar trackers have a 10-year guarantee on parts and workmanship. This allows us to irrefutably guarantee your investment throughout the installation's amortization period.
  • By tracking the Sun, Dual-axis solar trackers permit increasing photovoltaic solar energy production up to 39% when compared to fixed installations.
  • Unlike thin film power plants dual-Axis trackers do not need an extensive area for installation. They can be installed in the remote unused land with diverse landscape setting.
  • Premier Solar trackers are compatible with other manufacturers.
  • Solar trackers have three phase connection structure. If one is damaged 2/3 of the tracker will be working.
  • Solar trackers are adaptable to any weather conditions. It can operate in snow, storm, fog and darkness.
  • It has independent controller system. A Tracker will be always properly positioned toward the energy source.
  • Trackers need minimal maintenance. Their motors are easy to install and need reduced maintenance.


System Characteristics

  solar farm with thin film

  • Independent automatic control system
  • Remote control and online monitoring
  • Withstands 190 km/h wind
  • Power: 12kWp
  • Dimensions: Height - 4m, Panel: 65-80 m2, Foundation: 6.3-8.4m2

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  solar roof tile close up picture

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