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save the planet with solar energy


Traditional energy plants spew toxic chemicals into the environment. How can a solar panel system help?


Solar electricity can help save the planet! Read on to see how solar power systems are making a difference in our environment.


Mending the Environment, One Solar Power System at a Time


Climate change is real. In the past few decades, the amount of greenhouse gases in our environment has steadily increased, with alarming effects on ocean levels, biodiversity, and human health.

The majority of all electricity supplied through the grid still comes from non-renewable, pollutant sources such as fossil fuels. The electric generation industry alone is the single largest source of air pollution in the world. Not only are these traditional sources of electricity contributing to climate change and poor air quality, but their cost to consumers is also rising by about 7% a year.

But there are clean, renewable, and environmentally friendly alternatives: bio-fuels, wind and hydropower systems, and of course solar power systems. Renewable energy sources are non-pollutant and draw on natural resources or processes that are replenished, like sunlight. It is estimated that the earth absorbs more energy from the sun in one hour than all humans use in one year (

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Become a Part of the Solution with a Solar Home

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  As a solar power company in California, Premier Power’s goal is to help you and your home become part of the environmental solution. We provide a turnkey engineered system, complete all necessary paperwork for rebates, building permits, and net metering, connect you to the utility grid, and offer competitive financing through a non-profit organization. Together we can reduce pollutants in the atmosphere and help save the planet.

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solar panelYou Can Make a Difference with a Residential Solar Power System

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  If you think you can’t make a difference, take a look at statistics for the impact a modest 2.5kw solar power system can have over its lifetime:
  • 300 barrels of oil not produced
  • 270,000 miles not driven
  • 1,100 lbs of acid rain emissions not discharged
  • 550 lbs of smog emissions not produced
  • 220,000 lbs of greenhouse gases not emitted
Here’s another way to think about it: installing a 2.5kw solar power system is equivalent to planting 500 trees. Solar energy is a renewable, clean alternative to fossil fuels. Yes, you can help save the environment with a solar panel system!

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solar energyPremier Power Cares About the Environment


Although our mission as a solar power company in California is to help you find an environmentally friendly solar solution, the staff at Premier Power is also passionate about saving the environment – through solar energy and in every way we can!

  • The President of Premier Power, Dean Marks, has a 12 kw solar power system to power his home.
  • Premier Power's Director of Operations, Deborah Millhollin, has a 5.4 kw system and drives a hybrid car to save gas and energy.
  • The Premier Power Team in the office recycles aluminum, cardboard, and paper to help reduce waste and conserve resources..

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solar energy A Lasting Impression with Solar

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Advanced technology has ensured solar power systems will last 30+ years and come with a 25 year production warranty. The reliability of these solar panel systems makes them a leader in effective alternative energy production.

Premier Power is an experienced California solar installer with hubs in Los Angeles and Orange County. We have a customer satisfaction rating of 98% and take pride in our work and reputation.

For a limited time and in certain areas, the U.S. government will pay you $20,000 in rebates to install a medium-size solar power system. Call to find out what incentives are available in your area.

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