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Lower your electric bill to $5 with a solar panel system.

This dream is a reality for many families who have invested in their homes by installing a residential solar power system.

A family of five living in a 3,200 square foot home with 3 refrigerators, 3 computers, a 220V well and lots of landscape irrigation just received a PG&E bill for $4.61. Click here to discover your savings with a home solar panel system.


A solar home slashes your bills and saves the planet.


Dear Homeowner,

Are you tired of paying $200 or more for electricity? Do you hate your electric bill? With a solar home, you can reduce your electric bill without turning off your air conditioning and suffering through the hot summer months.

A Premier Power residential solar power system produces free, clean, renewable energy. As a utility customer, you may qualify for a rebate. And with the eight year extension of the 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), you may also qualify to have the government pay you $20,000 or more for installing a medium-sized solar panel system on your home.

Last year our clients enjoyed record low electric bills, as low as $29.50, $0 and even -$67 (you read correctly, the electric company owes them money!). Some received an astonishing $100,000 from the government for their solar panel installation. Find out if you qualify!

     Residential Solar Power Showcase

  solar home power See examples   Solar Roof Tiles. Elegant and discreet solar tiles interlock with your tiled roof.  
  Solar Power House See examples   Solar Patio Cover. A space-saving and low profile solar panel system.  
  solar panel system See examples   Solar Ground Mount.
Use your land to generate maximum electricity.
  solar panel roof, solar roofing See examples   Solar Roof Mount.
Still our most popular residential solar power system.

You can have a $5 electricity bill with a solar home.

A Premier Power home solar panel system can SLASH your electric bill by collecting the clean and abundant rays of the sun and converting them into electricity to power your home (refrigerators, computers, TVs, DVDs, dishwashers, water pumps, air conditioning, etc.).

Your panels are seamlessly connected to your electric company's grid. After dark, your solar home uses power stored in the grid. And in times of low demand and strong sun, your panels can spin your meter backwards and sell electricity back to your electric company.

Is a solar panel installation feasible for you?

Take advantage of our FREE Solar Home Evaluation to gain better insight into how a solar panel installation works and how it can slash your electric bill. A solar consultant will analyze your last 12 electric bills and provide you with invaluable information to help you reduce your electric bill with solar. You will find out if you qualify for $5,000, $20,000 or even $100,000 in government incentives. You will learn about home solar panel system orientation, size and type, and receive an assessment of how much money your solar home could save you during the next 25 years.

Click here if you would like a FREE Solar Home Evaluation 

Our residential solar power customers will save more than 5 million dollars on electric bills over the next 5 years!

Premier Power Renewable Energy has helped reduce millions of dollars' worth of electric bills for our customers by providing turnkey solar power systems. A great number of homeowners like you have invested in solar panel installations and slashed their electric bills. Premier customers will save $5,507,279.76 on electric bills over the next 5 years.



Did you know that the average homeowner will pay $150,000 for electricity during the next 25 years?

Find out how much you will pay:

What is your average monthly electric bill?
$ (No , or $ signs, just numbers)

Electricity rates have increased on average 6.5% annually during the last 25 years. How much do you think rates will be in the future?

During the next 25 years you will spend approximately

Think of the things you could do with this money (retirement, vacations, college funds, etc.).



Save on energy costs for 30+ years

Foreign oil price fluctuations, mismanagement, blackouts and bankruptcies of electric companies are causing electric rates to skyrocket. You can take control of your electric bill and increase your energy independence. Stop paying RENT. It's time to OWN your power and protect yourself from rising rates. With a home solar panel system, you are effectively buying 30+ years of electricity at a low fixed price.

Some customers have reduced 87% of their electricity costs through residential solar power. Here is what one client said:



"I reduced my electric bill from $660 to $85 a month"

Norma Lovell
Cameron Park,


"My Pacific Gas & Electric bill averaged $660/month before solar.

With solar panels and reversible meter installed, the last three months have averaged about $85/month.

Association with Premier Power at all levels was always pleasant and efficient.

Thank you for a better future."


Amazing solar rebates & incentives
are available for a limited time!

Incentives and subsidies for solar panel installations are available in many states such as California, New Jersey, New York, Arizona and Nevada, just to mention a few. In many cases you may qualify for a $20,000 or even a $100,000 solar rebate. Give us a call to find out if you qualify for any incentive at 1-877-939-0400. The incentives exist because peak power is a real problem for the electric companies. If a state can have thousands and thousands of solar homes spinning the meters backward and supplying electricity to the power grid, utilities can use solar power to offset peak demand.

Pay the electric company and have nothing to show for it, or take the same money and invest it into a residential solar power system to slash your electric bill. Solar customers think and invest long term. Breaking even on a solar panel installation can take 10 years, but the return on investment in many cases is around 12%, which is greater than most traditional investments. Here is what one of our solar home customers has to say:



"My average electric bill after solar is $4"

Bruce Thompson
Granite Bay,


"My average electric bill before solar was $100 to $120 a month. After installing the solar system, my average electric bill has been $4 and my lowest electric bill was $0.

I feel that solar is superior to most investment vehicles such as CDs, annuities, etc. It's a good bet that the solar investment will be largely recouped if and when I sell my house."



There are many solar power companies. Why should I hire Premier Power?
Two words: Track Record.

In business since 2001, Premier Power is a well-established solar installer, a spin off of Premier Homes, the first homebuilder to introduce "Zero Energy Homes" to California's Central Valley, which included home solar panel systems as a standard feature. So, when you are ready to make a decision, ask yourself, is this company going to be around for the next 5 or 10 years to back all warranties? We'll be here.

Effective solar power systems, installed complete. We listen carefully to your specific needs, goals and priorities. We help you make an informed decision about which type of solar panel system – from many available options – is right for your home and lifestyle.

Our proven, fully integrated services involve designing and engineering your solar power system efficiently, cost-effectively, and constructing it on time and on budget. At the same time, we make sure that you take full advantage of the financial incentives available for solar panel system owners. Your solar home installation will be supported by our extensive project management skills, technical experience, licenses and certificates - guaranteed!

Families who have invested in a Premier Power Solar System know the satisfaction of paying an electric bill as low as just $5 a month. So can you.

98% of all our customers would recommend Premier Power to their friends and family. Because customer satisfaction is our first priority, we send a satisfaction survey to every customer after their home solar panel installation to measure how well we are doing. We are thrilled to have such a great score.

A company you can trust. Premier Power is a member of the Better Business Bureau, California Chamber of Commerce, American Solar Energy Society, and the California Solar Energy Industries Association. We are a licensed California solar contractor.

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  • Electrical usage - electric bill analysis

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