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turnkey solar panel installation


A turnkey home solar power system is a hassle-free one. Premier Power makes installation so easy!


Premier Power's home solar panel systems are ready to produce power upon installation. Read on for more information.


Hassle-Free Turnkey Solar Panel Installation

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Turnkey installation means that Premier Power sees the job through from beginning to end. We design, supply, build, and install your home solar panel system in a streamlined, effective process. By the time we leave, we’ll have your meter spinning backwards.

With home solar power, you can end your dependence on expensive, non-renewable energy sources. Click on the link below for a free consultation or estimate on a Premier Power solar power system.

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Features of Our Home Solar Panel Installation

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Premier Power makes switching to a home solar power system easy. Turnkey installation means that our bid includes:

  • A complete engineered home solar panel system.
  • All necessary building permits.
  • All necessary engineering load calculations.
  • All necessary paperwork for the PG&E rebate.
  • All setup and paperwork for net metering.

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How Does the Home Solar Power Installation Process Work?

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The installation of a Premier home solar power system is professional and streamlined. Our experienced team can design and build a solar power solution to fit your needs. Preliminary steps for installation include:

  • Surveying the site: our project managers come on-site, conduct a site survey, and create a diagram of the system design.
  • Pulling building permits: once the site survey is complete, we submit the applications for all necessary building permits.
  • Ordering materials: we order the equipment and set an installation date pending delivery of the materials.

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What Happens Next: Connecting to the Grid

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During the second half of a Premier Power home solar power installation, you can expect the following:

  • Installation: once the modules and inverters are delivered, our licensed installation team begins work on your solar panel installation.
  • Building Permit Final: we schedule a final building department inspection.
  • Interconnection: as soon as your installation has passed inspection, your home solar panel system is ready for interconnection with the utility grid. A representative from the electric company will conduct his own inspection before the installation is complete.
  • Completion! Your turnkey solar system begins to work as soon as it is fully installed and connected. You now have a solar power house!

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Efficient & Durable Home Solar Panel Systems

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Powered by the sun and made with the same technology as NASA's Mars Land Rover, our home solar power systems are extremely durable with a life expectancy of 30+ years and a production warranty of 25 years. Premier Power uses the most innovative products from Sharp Corporation, General Electric, and SMA America to build ground-breaking, high-efficiency solar panel systems that will last for decades.

Premier Power's home solar panel installation is efficient and professional. 98% of customers who chose Premier Power are satisfied with their solar electric power systems.

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