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98% of our customers are satisfied with the performance of their Premier Power solar panel systems. Here are some of their testimonials.


Every year we hold a Customer Appreciation Event in which we thank our new customers and ask them to share their solar experiences. In the following interviews, ordinary homeowners like you talk about how their Premier Power solar system has made a positive impact on their lives.

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George & Carol McNamara

  solar panel patio cover

"The cherry on the top is when I can go out and see my electric meter spinning backwards."

"After solar, my lowest electric bill was $0."

"I can see the value of our home with solar going up not only in the value but in the marketability, because it is an added feature."

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Bruce Thompson

  solar patio cover system

"Premier Power was quite pleasant. The folks who came out knew their business. They took a look at my dwelling and my needs and were very clear about what I needed. So I was quite impressed with their professionalism and their knowledge."

"One of the nicer aspect of solar systems is that there is very little maintenance required. Once a month I hose off the panels to keep debris off the panels. But other than that...maintenance free."

"After having the solar system installed my average electric bill has dropped to $4."

"Not only would I recommend Premier Power to my family and friends, I already have."

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Tom Neal

  solar patio cover

"We know that oil is going to get a lot more expensive and we know that something is going to replace it. My current electric bill is actually negative at this point because we are getting so much energy out of the summer sun and in the spring...I expect to be somewhat positive in the winter. I am expecting to probably pay over time 15-20 dollars a month."

"It's a lot of fun to see your meter flipping the other way."

"I have recommended them [Premier Power] to several people and one of them just signed a contract to set up a system."

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Bob Glynn

  solar ground mount picture

"Our average electric bill before solar was $125 a month... After solar, the lowest electric bill was $7."

"Solar will have a lasting effect on the environment."

"The only maintenance is occasionally I spray the solar array with a hose."

"I would definitely recommend Premier Power to family and friends."

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Dale Wilson

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"...we found that a friend of a neighbor of ours had a solar system put in and we asked them who put it in and they were very happy with their system, and it turned out to be Premier Power."

"It [solar power] has a significant value and it's a miracle. It's a wonderful thing to think that the sun can operate your refrigerator and whatever other uses you have for it."

"[spinning the meter backwards] is a very satisfying feeling indeed."

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