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You have the right to fight the electric companies with home solar panels!


Sophisticated and Streamlined: These popular solar designs have a dual purpose. Read on to find out more!


Home Solar Power for Small Spaces

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Home solar panels don’t have to take up a lot of space. With a high efficiency solar panel patio cover system, you can end your dependence on conventional grid power and become a solar energy producer.

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Solar Panel Patio Cover Systems Combine Shade and Power

  Solar Panel Patio Cover

Using the same panels that go into our solar roofing, Premier Power offers a compact yet effective solar panel system that fits on top of your garden patio. Our most cost-effective home solar power solution, a patio cover system:

  • Provides shade for your garden patio.
  • Produces up to 200-300 kwh of clean, green, and free electricity.
  • Requires a small 250-450 square feet space for installation.
  • Offers a sleek, low-profile solar roofing alternative that even Homeowner Associations approve of.
  • Uses innovative components by GE Energy, Sharp Corporation, and SMA America for high efficiency.
  • Comes with a 25 year production warranty for durable dependability.

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Home Solar Panels Benefit You, Your Home, and the Environment

  solar patio cover
  • Solar panel patio covers are custom-designed to accentuate your home’s style and architecture.
  • Premier Power turnkey solar power systems are connected to your utility grid. Clean solar power generated by the panels spins the meter backwards. Let the utility company pay you for the surplus energy you produce!
  • Home solar panels can eliminate or reduce your monthly electric bills to as little as $5.
  • Government rebates and regional incentives offset the cost of installation. For a limited time and in limited places, the government will pay you $20,000 to install a medium-sized home solar power system. Call 1-877-939-0400 to learn what rebates and incentives are available to you.

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From Energy Consumers to Energy Producers

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For homeowners with low to moderate electric bills, a solar power patio cover is an effective way to reduce energy costs and move towards sustainable energy sources. Dale and Shiomi Wilson installed a small Premier solar power system at their home in Carmichael, California as an alternative to paying their utility company.

They are currently selling their energy back to their utility company (SMUD) and enjoying the benefits of free electricity from a Premier Power home solar patio cover system. By installing home solar panels, Dale and Shiomi have contributed to environmental conservation by using and producing clean, green, renewable energy. “We were very pleased with the quality of the installation by Premier Power,” Dale adds.

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Premier Power Solar Panel Patio Covers Are a Lasting Investment

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Powered by the sun and designed with the same technology used in NASA’s Mars Land Rover, our home solar panels are extremely durable with a life expectancy of 30+ years. 98% of customers who chose Premier Power are satisfied with their solar power system. We are a licensed California solar panel installer with hubs in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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